"But I was thinking of a plan to dye one's whiskers green." - Lewis Carroll

The inner demon has struck again...the one who casts a despairing eye on the ocean of black, gray, and similarly dark hues nestling comfortable and companionably in my my closet...and decides that it's time for a little color. Actually...strike that...make it COLOR...as the little blighter (not one for half measures) talked me into a v-neck sweater which is almost astroturf green in its vibrancy.


A color that I love...despite the unfortunate memories attached to it (namely self...a white bathroom...a tub of green hair dye...a lack of foresight related to rubber gloves resulting in hands that matched my hair for a couple of weeks...and a similar l.o.f. which caused me to "go green" just before St. Patrick's Day).


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    Surely, the dude is absolutely fair.

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