All bags great and small – Part IV – night falls

Bag fiend I may be but I came to the staggering realization that when it comes to evening bags I am sadly lacking. Much as I love it the only bag that I own which falls into this category is a fringed wool, punk bag by Junya Watanabe which obviously doesn't go with everything.

So now, the quest? To find a bag that I can wear to all the upcoming holiday parties but can also work into daytime outfits after the last martini has been shaken.
This navy blue clutch from Marni is a great option. The tortoiseshell clasp and diamante detailing on the brooches have an evening element but would be just as good with jeans. Plus, the fact that the brooches are detachable is an added bonus...I can remove them and wear them on a sweater or jacket...thrifty little me.
I love the subtle luxury of this black, woven leather wristlet from Bottega Veneta but, like the Watanabe this has a punk feel, so it's probably out of the running...there's no point in getting a new bag if it doesn't broaden the possibilities.
The final contender (and the least expensive by far) is this yellow leather mini-messenger bag. Not only would it give an outfit a punch of color but it would free my hands...necessary when you have to hold a glass and try to eat something.


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