A question of sport

I'm trying to not make this blog a constant, dull musing on what to wear...having said that...I just got invited to an ice hockey game...

Now, this will be the first ice hockey game that I will be attending and I'll be going straight from work. I'm not a fan of taking a change of clothes to work because, no matter how hard you try to say "oh, this old thing" you still come across as trying way too hard (posting your neurotic tendencies online is so much more preferable). I should also mention that the venue for the game is in an "up-and-coming" area of town and this is a work sponsored event. So, the criteria is...office-ish, sporty-ish, with comfortable shoes in case I need to make a quick getaway.

My current thinking is...

Cardigan by Edun and plaid shirt by H&M
Fair-isle skirt from H&M
Badge made by my husband and Scotch pebble brooch

Does this say "pucks away"?


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