Murakami Memories

As we're almost into 2007 I thought I'd do a flashback to the 2003 Murakami/Louis Vuitton collaboration. I realize that not everyone was (or is) a fan and the line is thought of as a joke by some. I can only say that, personally, I love Murakami's art and though I didn't buy one of the bags I did get a silk headscarf (which I have got a lot of wear out of) and a smaller cotton neckscarf.

I was living in London when this line hit the stores and I remember standing outside the windows of the Bond Street store transfixed by the flat screen monitor in the window and the special "cartoon" that had been created...I just found it on YouTube and was so excited that I had to share. So, belatedly, but showing no signs of Murakami's "Superflat Monogram" for Louis Vuitton.


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  • funnyface said...
    11:54 AM
    i love love love this cartoon!
    ive always liked murakami's artwork and the bags too despite other people's opinions....

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