Fairy tales can come true

We've all heard the story...the heroine yearns for her prince and searches near and far and then one day (just when she's about to give up and take up stamp collecting or competitive badminton) he turns up. Much like that Snow White hussy and the seven men she lives with I've always been suspicious of the way the prince habitually turns up right on cue. Is he stalking her? But now, I've realized, the prince does exist...in this case the Prince de Nîmes.

Yes, I'd heard the story of the jeans. You know, the ones that fit to perfection and make your legs look about three miles long...but I'd always assumed it was another fairytale. Sure, I'd searched, and bought jeans that were okay but it never felt like true love. That was until today when I tried Joe's "The Cigarette" jeans and realized my prince had arrived.

And the best part of this story? They were half price at Anthropologie.


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  • ambika said...
    10:05 AM
    Holy moley, lucky you. I had a pair of Joe's jeans that I think I bought a size too large (the luxury brands always stretch so much) and I eventually had to get rid of them. I think I'll check these out when I'm out shopping next.

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