Cold Comfort

This morning began with a dilema...we have a party to go to tomorrow night but today's temperature was going to be -13 factoring in the wind chill and I didn't hold out much hope that tomorrow was going to be any better. That meant that any outfits I'd even been considering were out of the question...unless I wanted to accessorize with frostbite.

A quick perusal of my closet and I decided that this dress by Hengst would is a summer dress but I think it has possibilities as part of a layered look. I really wanted to bring out the greys in the dress and I have a grey felt and black jet "faux Prada" necklace that I made (pictured in an earlier post) that would add a little party spirit.

I'd initially been considering stopping off at American Apparel after work to look for pieces to layer under the dress but luckily Club Monaco was my first stop...I picked up a dark grey, thin wool turtleneck with slightly batwing, three-quarter sleeves. It should be great under the dress and should add some interest to work outfits as well (I love a piece of clothing that's a multi-tasker). An added bonus was that the sweater was on sale...always a good thing. Next stop was Anthropologie where I bought some grey woolen leggings...also on sale.

I'll update this post tomorrow with a picture of the complete summer/winter (hopefully warm) party combo.


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  • S. said...
    9:26 PM
    That necklace is great & you made it yourself?!
  • hebden said...
    5:58 PM
    Thanks! Yes, I had a broken jet necklace and I lusted after the Prada necklaces a few years ago so I got crafty...

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