The postman always rings P..R..A..D..A..

Forget the Christmas cards that were in the mailbox...lying on the floor was an envelope that looked familiar...yes, Prada has sent Christmas greetings (I think Miuccia is spending way too much on mailings but that's just my opinion). A thick, navy envelope embossed with the same oval Prada logo as some of the bags which contained...

  • An embossed silver catalog of Christmas gifts

  • An embossed navy catalog with reduced sized catalog pictures and the all important prices

  • An embossed navy catalog containing the addresses of all Prada stores worldwide

  • I have a wonderful image in my mind of a very wealthy husband handing the silver catalog to his wife and asking her to pick something. Such is the solicitude of Prada that they place the sordid monetary and purchase location information in two separate booklets for him to work from later.

    My personal favorites...two-tone, jewel-colored ballet flats, a gold leather headband, gold ballet flats and various fur bracelets resembling small animals.


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