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I realize that the following admission will forever remove me from "cool kid" status but...I just don't like Jeremy Scott's work. I think it's possible to be edgy, funny, irreverent, avant garde (call it what you will) and still create clothes that actually make people look good. Scott's clothes just seem to be out there for the sake of it, with nothing more than that to back them up. And even if you find them amusing surely they're overpriced for a joke?

His latest collection takes its inspiration from the popular press...in his words...

"I was thinking about how these tabloids just pile up once a week, more than fashion magazines do, and I thought what if you did a collage with them and you made them into a trenchcoat so you're wearing the tabloids, and the chased starlet is turning it around on them and throwing it back in their face in a way. The whole idea originated with the trench for me from the get-go."

Trench - $515

Backpack - $205

Dress - $160

Pants - $140

While this isn't my idea of a good read it may be yours...if so, the pieces are available at Yoox.


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