I'm with the band

I was in my local American Apparel store recently and was standing at the register when I noticed a rack of narrow elasticated headbands. Most hairbands of this type are too wide for me so that when I put them on there's suddenly a lot of forehead...not a good look...but the narrowness of this band avoids that issue nicely.

Available in a wide choice of colors, all with a touch of shine, and a mere $3.50...the only downside is they don't seem to be listed on their website at this point.


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  • Lisa said...
    5:57 PM
    Heya, I work at AA and wandered into your blog using the magic of Google.

    The Shiny Headband is up in the online store. 12 colors to choose from! :) http://www.americanapparelstore.com/rsashb.html

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