“All our lives we live in chains and never even know we hold the key.”

Much as I loved the Mr. T meets Catholic goth looks that Riccardo Tisci gave us for Givenchy's Fall/Winter collection I know that they are so far out of my price range that it's laughable. In the same vein (and slightly more affordable) is this vintage Zandra Rhodes dress from one of my favorite online vintage stores,
Vagabond NYC.

An additional benefit, apart from the financial aspect, is the trompe l'oeil chains are much less likely to end up in a tangled pile in your closet...



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  • enc said...
    10:36 AM
    That is very clever. What shoes would you wear?
  • WendyB said...
    4:20 PM
    It would be kind of hilarious for me to wear that Zandra dress.
  • hebden said...
    6:47 PM
    wendyb...I think you should buy it, you look so lovely in your vintage pieces

    enc...probably the heels that I couldn't stand up in...or golden brogues (a la Dior Homme)
  • aziza said...
    4:02 PM
    I'm really tempted to make one of those chains.

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