Stick 'em up!

It's enough to make you spit (in a ladylike way, of course)...I finally make a break from the 9-5 office life...and the grey cubicle that came with it...and then along come these Post-It cubes from United Bamboo and For Office Use Only which merge a kind of 60's, Piero Fornasetti vibe with images from United Bamboo's ad campaigns. My little patch of grey would have been so much more visually appealing with a couple of these strewn around...though, I admit, it probably would have felt sacrilegious to tear off a sheet and actually "use" them.



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  • WendyB said...
    7:19 AM
    Ooh, fun.
  • enc said...
    12:14 AM
    I wouldn't want to "use" these, either. They're far too cool.

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