No white after Labor Day (and not much before either)

This summer Mr. Heb had a urge to channel Robert Culp circa 1965-68 (aka the "I Spy" years)...mainly in the white pants, though I'm sure some velour may make its way in there. At this point I have to say, of all the items that could have made their way on to his summer shopping list, I was assuming that the aforementioned white pants would be an easy one to check off...especially since a glance in the windows of some men's stores showed that this was the summer of the white jean.


Until, that is, we came to find out that this is the s.o.t.w.j. shall I put this...shorter gentlemen. In store after store we were met with bemused glances and barely disguised smirks as we tried to find white jeans with a 36" inseam. In the Levi store, for example, our statement that "we'd like to get a pair of these in a **/36" was met with the (slightly too honest) response "not in this store you won't". It's exceedingly frustrating, and quite frankly incomprehensible, to run into the assumption that a taller man shouldn't be able to clothe his lower appendages in the same dazzling manner as his shorter brethren.

We were, eventually, able to track down one pair of jeans at The Gap that were available (online) in the correct length. Which I'm thankful for, but not something that gives one a feeling of having a plethora of's a case of "here's this particular cut, take it or leave it". And so, I am a woman on a mission, for some Culp-worthy white pants to make Mr. Heb's summer complete.

** sizing omitted to protect the innocent


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