"I am not a number — I am a free man!" - Patrick McGoohan as The Prisoner

If I were still a part of the corporate rat race (having disengaged myself, for a while at least) I would definitely be buying one of these "I Feel Like A Number" pendants by Canadian designer Melanie Favreau...a combination of the tags that you take to save your place in line and the exhortation of Patrick McGoohan in the 1960's counterculture show, The Prisoner.

As an added twist, as the pendants are a limited edition batch of 100, you won't know what "your number" is until the pendant arrives.


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  • enc said...
    11:46 PM
    I'm strangely attracted to this, and strangely obsessed by what my number would be.
  • 1:26 AM
    I love this. Very clever.
  • Anonymous said...
    9:47 PM
    unfortunatley, getting a number is not a joke for me...my animals and my property will all be numbered and movements all tracked due to a USDA program called NAIS. Think this is a joke. see nonais.org for more info on the animal tracking program that will put more govt surveillance on livestock owners than on illegals, drug dealers or sex offenders...the reason just so corporate ag can say they are selling safe meat on the global level.

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