"It is only the modern that ever becomes old fashioned." - Oscar Wilde

In a way this is a continuation from last Monday's post...in the sense that looking for clothes that feature quality construction and materials tends to be regarded as quaintly old-fashioned. Which is fine...if you're pondering an almost-disposable little something from H&M (whose quality I have to add can, on occasion, be surprisingly good)...but has to be a major consideration once the price tag rises.

Take this, rather lovely, t-shirt dress from Cacharel...made of that well known semi-synthetic fiber, rayon...you could safely suppose it to be on the expensive side of affordable.


Which is why I was blown away by the $695 price tag.

It is, I'll admit, the kind of not-so-basic basic that generally becomes a wardrobe staple which gets worn into the ground...and if it were made of a cashmere blend...or fine linen...or any other fabric that denotes a certain quality and longevity...I could vaguely justify (in my mind, though not my check book) the cost. But, for rayon...that staple of the world of low-price-buy-me-now-wear-me-a-few-times-and-throw-me-away fashion...it almost seems like a practical joke. Or maybe I'm just being horribly old-fashioned...


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  • Jennifer said...
    3:52 PM
    No, Heb--I'm with you on this one. Silk, maybe, for $695, but in my mind rayon is only a few steps above polyester and costly clothing shouldn't be made from it.
  • AM said...
    1:16 PM
    I love the style of this dress but even if it were made of the finest silk, $695 is overpriced.
  • 10:19 PM
    pretty pattern, nice style, rayon - not that bad if it were under $100
    also these styles while cute don't really work for girls with boobs
  • muebles madrid said...
    6:59 AM
    This will not have effect in reality, that is what I believe.

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