"Words, like glasses, obscure everything which they do not make clear." - Joseph Joubert

Definitely not for the un-ostentatious wench...and definitely not for those who lose sunglasses with alarming regularity...24K gold plated sunglasses from Linda Farrow's Luxe range. They're the sort of thing that you mentally chastise yourself for liking...while, at one and the same time, cursing the gods that you lack the necessary funds to make them your own.


Even more irritating...at least for those of us who lack the courage (or manual dexterity) to insert contact lenses and are therefore at the mercy of spectacle designers whims...Farrow's Luxe Optical range. Were I feeling rich...or stupid...the two not being mutually exclusive...these taupe acetate/bamboo/gold beauties would be mine...



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