"I've killed the boss, you think they're not gonna fire me for a thing like that?" - Violet Newstead

An article on dinosaur, palm tree, and sea horse rubber band bracelets on the New York Times' website (not a sentence you ever imagine yourself writing) yielded the following quote..."It’s depressing to sit in a cubicle for nine hours a day...If you have on a silly rubber band that glows in the dark, it makes everything a little better."

Though I am (thankfully) no longer one of the 9-5 (though Dolly Parton never realized she had it so good...now it's 8-6...6-6...did you really want a social life?) drones the words rang a bell. For when faced with the desk/cubicle/2-drawer filing cabinet...that are exactly the same as fifty or sixty others on the same floor...which of us doesn't yearn for something (anything) that marks us as an individual?


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