Spring cleaning

In case you think I'm a little quick of the mark let me assure you it's worse than you think...I've now been "Spring Cleaning" for several weeks (it's odd because I usually procrastinate about this kind of thing but not this time...)...I came to the depressing conclusion that too many articles of clothing were coming in and absolutely nothing was going out.

Now I admit it, I'm a "hoarder"...I'm convinced that if I get rid of a piece of clothing it will be either a) the item that is desperately needed to make an outfit or b) 10 or 20 years from now will be back in fashion and will be a unique vintage "piece". Unfortunately I've already run into scenario B...my mother owned a vintage Pucci silk shirt which, in the rash hastiness of my early teen years, I described as hideously ugly...she gave the shirt away and I have cursed myself at intervals ever since.

Having said all this there were obviously things which I'd bought and rarely, if ever, worn. Not great pieces from the annals of fashion...mainly useful, basic pieces...but things which definitely should not be resigned to the garbage. Thanks to eBay my clean-out is going pretty well; I've actually sold everything I posted so far (except a vintage Katherine Hamnett silk scarf which, oddly enough, garnered no interest). Okay, if I look at what I actually paid for each item I'm recouping a minimal percentage but I'm relieving my closet congestion and hopefully sending them off to a good home where they'll finally get worn. Plus, as the pennies add up, I get to decide on what new purchase I want to bring in.


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  • ambika said...
    11:39 AM
    Oh my, do I sympathize. Even with a decently sized walk-in closet, I find I'm kicking myself more often than not over all the things that don't get worn. Ebay has proven incredibly helpful and though the money isn't much, it's better than getting nothing.

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