All bags great and small – Part VI - the inheritance

I've mentioned in previous posts that my grandmother was a very stylish lady. A subdued luxury oozed from every pore...though, of course, she would not have appreciated my use of the word ooze. One of her favorite phrases was that "a lady never tells her age"...well, if she wouldn't spill the digits she certainly wouldn't ooze...

When she died, I inherited her handbag. It's either crocodile or alligator (I've never been able to figure out which so if anyone knows, please let me know), lined with a toffee colored suede...and inside the bag, a large mirror covered in the same skin for "repairs". Originally a large, duffel kind of travel bag which became too worn and was salvaged into the bag you see in these pictures. Perhaps that's why I love travel...I'm always trying to recreate the ideal of that kind of may have been a duffel, but what a duffel it was.

Sadly, I use this bag infrequently...more due to a fear of anything happening to it than for other reasons. It is, after all, a very useful bag.


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  • ambika said...
    8:15 PM
    What an amazing bag, so classic. And how great to have such a personal story behind it rather than having scored it in a divey thrift store.

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