Bags...scarves...bags of fun

A while ago I posted about a handy little vintage Hermes booklet which I have that shows multiple ways to tie a silk scarf. Times have changed and technology now brings…the instructional video. I found four play-by-play scarf tying vignettes on Louis Vuitton’s website. Three of them are very basic scarf-round-neck or scarf-on-head examples that I didn’t think would be much of a thrill for anyone…even a scarf junkie like me.

The one below though shows how to create a bag from your scarf…technically a bag for your bag as the resulting scarf bag would be so easy for a pickpocket to pick that you may as well just hand your wallet to them. So, instead I’ll say it’s a decorative container for your bag…a way to carry a beaten-up but useful bag and have it look much nicer than it is…or a way to see more of the pattern on your scarf that you would if it was tied around your neck…in other words, utterly frivolous and lacking in purpose but fun.

What a good way to start the weekend!


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