Loco for Coco

The lovely folks at Decades recently added some 90’s Chanel earrings to their site. To me, it was like a car crash...I didn’t want to look but I couldn’t help myself. It’s probably guilt; I have some Chanel jewelry from the 80’s and 90’s that was my mother’s and the majority of it languishes in a drawer. It’s just so...big and...gold and...well, that really sums it up...big ‘n’ gold (actually, I should probably add that the earrings are clip-on and cause serious pain after about 2 minutes of wear).

In Decades-speak it all sounds so good...”make a statement...as you step from the backseat of your Maybach”...”if you don’t have these earrings then you really don’t have it all”...”they may be hard to wear...but (if you) want to look a little Hood, a touch of gold is all it takes to make the cross-over”.

Maybe it’s me, but I look at these earrings and see neither ‘hood nor having-it-all...I just feel like I’m about to become at extra from Dynasty. This is obviously the fashion roadblock that I need to overcome...maybe with a turtleneck...or a subdued outfit...or a bag over my head...I can actually wear these things.


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  • Anonymous said...
    8:23 PM
    Maybe I could handle the pearl-style ones, but the other ones are too strong for me.I probably have to overcome that roadblock too.

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