Live Fast…Die Young

After the food and beverage overload which is an integral part of the holiday season I decided that I would try a fast for a few days…nothing but green tea, vegetable broth, raw vegetables and the occasional piece of fruit. How hard could it be (she laughingly asked while still gorging on her festive feast)? Well, thankfully day one is drawing to a close and the results are in.

By 11am this morning I had drunk 2.5 liters of water and multiple cups of tea…I didn’t feel healthy, just like a deranged camel.

By 3pm, I was ready to gnaw my arm off…settled instead for a banana.

At 5pm (on a potassium high) I decided to walk home...seemed like a good idea for the first two and half miles but my enthusiasm waned after that.

Looking back, it was probably a mistake to do this the day after the festivities ended…the switch from bacchanalia to convent probably shouldn’t be so abrupt. Having said that, I don't actually feel too bad and haven't experienced any of the "detox headaches" I've heard about...I'm curious what the next couple of days will bring.


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