Death by...handbag?

Okay, a major exageration article on Yahoo regarding injuries caused by large, heavy bags made me wonder. Would I carry a bag even if it caused me pain? Regretably, the answer is probably yes...or "which bag?" at the very least.

The thing is though...I've never actually been "in pain" due to my handbag. I've wished that I'd picked a clutch...or decided that the Westwood plaid would have been better than the Cunard tote...but felt actual pain, no. Does this mean I am a freak with with a very high pain threshold? Well maybe, but let's look at a couple of the recommendations from physical therapists and ergonomics specialists quoted in the article...

Designers should "place a cute, educational caution tag on bags to inform of potential neck and shoulder dangers"...what woman who loves handbags would ever pay attention to a "cute, educational tag"? If a Birkin bag was radioactive people she would still buy it.

"If it (a big bag) is a fashion accessory, then occasional and symbolic use is fine."...two questions...what qualifies as occasional... once a week...once a month...will my "fashion accessory" no longer be in fashion by the time I can next use it? And, I'd like to hope (think) that I don't fall under the "symbolic use" category...I buy a bag because I love it. Yes, I'll love an "it bag"...but I'm just as likely to fall for a plastic bag if I love the way it looks.

Maybe the answer is what I'm putting in my bag as opposed to the bag itself...the essentials but not the kitchen sink...or maybe I just have superhuman strength?


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  • bagbwana said...
    12:33 PM
    While I'll admit that I have been victim of extreme pain as a result of fabulous slingbacks, I have yet to achieve such pain from a handbag. Love your blog! How do I get in touch with you re: sharing links?
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