Service...or the lack thereof

Recently I've had to ask myself, whatever happened to customer service? Thankfully, I've rarely had an issue in an actual store but some recent online experiences have left me bemused...I am "virtually" (pardon the pun) waving my credit card in their faces and...nothing. To clarify, I'm not wanting perks...I just want someone to respond to a question. Here's what happened...

Case A
I wanted a pair of Repetto ballet flats but was having a hard time finding them. I spotted them on a website that had been recently hyped in several magazines. The website's sizing selection box was a little confusing as the size guide featured Italian and French sizes but the options box just gave the numbers, like "39" or "40". A sweater offers some leeway with sizing but really need to know what size you're actually ordering. So, I called their customer service number and left a message. I explained my sizing question and also mentioned that I would order a pair of shoes as soon as I got their response. No response that day. No response that week. I left the voicemail mid-December and, to date, no response.

Case B
I saw someone carrying a beautiful Vivienne Westwood bag and managed to track it down to a UK website. The company's shipping page didn't say whether they shipped outside the UK or not so I sent them an e-mail. Absolutely no response. Not even a "sorry, no".

What happened? Is it a case of out-of-sight, out-of-mind? Am I supposed to bombard them with calls or e-mails? If so, I guess I'm out of luck. I'm not going to be a fashion stalker and, to be quite honest, I'm not going to beg somebody to take my money. Fashion is fickle and, with so many choices available to consumers, perhaps online boutiques should consider how they treat potential customers....after all...

"Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me."


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