The bitter pill

The combination of fashion and art can be problematic...and in certain instances the wearer can feel like a walking billboard.

In the case of Obvious Classics, the most recent collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Rem Koolhaas you literally are a walking billboard as the designs originate from the "billboards from the future" that Prada projected during its men's Spring/Summer 2007 show.

I like t-shirts...I like upcoming trip to London is based upon the timing of an art exhibition BUT these t-shirts leave me cold. They're not so much art and fashion as the kind of souvenir t-shirt that you might buy from the gift shop at the end of an exhibit...which is fine at $20 but not so good at $210.


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  • Anonymous said...
    4:39 PM
    In America anything with the label Prada on the item will sell... no matter what the design or quality of the item. Not so true in other parts of the world.

    FYI...if you hunger for Prada on a budget HAUNT DSW they import the overage from other countries, and WOW the deals. Additionally these are the real thing...auth. card and all.

    The pill tee shirt was craveable.....but $210.00 ONLY IN AMERICA.

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