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I think (especially if you’ve ever picked up a copy of Jalouse where they tend to be a standard fixture) that there’s a tendency to be slightly jaded when it comes to the European young, rich, and well-connected (okay, add a smidge of jealousy in there as well)…they have the money to buy good clothes and, in a lot of cases, can wear them well…but couldn’t that be said of many other people if they were given the same opportunity?

Initially I lumped Margherita Missoni into this category…mainly because she seemed to be wearing head-to-toe Missoni in any pictures I saw of her. I mean, it must be wonderful to have access to that kind of family-wardrobe but, wouldn’t you want to mix it up a bit? On a more down-to-earth scale, your granny might knit you a sweater every year but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them constantly.

But I was wrong in my initial assessment; in recent pictures she looks wonderful. The outfits are fun and quirky but sophisticated and put-together at the same time. Funky, chic, and she has my Chanel handbag…definitely inspiring…


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