Out, damned spot! out, I say!

The Doo.Ri, Rodarte, and Thakoon limited edition designs based on that old wardrobe basic, the white shirt, hit Gap stores today. I really like a couple of the designs, namely the Doo.Ri scarf shirt and the Thakoon tie shirt shown below. Odd as it sounds in this context, I just wish that they weren’t white. When it comes to pale colors, I am a stain magnet…so white inspires dread rather than any sense of purity or freshness. (The really odd thing is that in colors or dark tones the stains leave me alone...they must sense fear.)

And if stain apprehension means I can’t eat or drink it rather takes the fun out of wearing something. And let’s not even mention the hazards of public transportation and white clothes...”should I lean back or is the back of the seat dirty?...”will the person standing over me with a cup of coffee suddenly get jolted and pour half of it all over me?...the pressure is unbearable.

So, in this instance, I’m going to admire the shirts (and the people who can successfully wear them) from afar.


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