Somebody shoot me!

Well, I made it through the was a little choppy in the beginning so, trust me, there were a couple of times when I wasn't too sure...

Basically, the set-up was this...a friend who is a professional photographer and two friends of his, who just got married and wanted non-traditional wedding pictures...add to the mix a hair/make-up artist...and me. I'd been given a rough idea of the bride's size and told that she was very pale with a blonde mohawk...the description of the groom was even shorter; I knew he had tattoos. I was told they were bringing clothes themselves and that I needed to provide "bizarre" pieces and props. My big mistake is that I took this at face value...they were a wonderful, fun, quirky couple...but they must have brought about 6-7 things between the two of them. So, lesson number 1 was...never assume anything and bring everything (kitchen sink included). This was followed quickly by lesson number 2, knowing the model's size is a MUST (well, d'uh...I say to myself, now).

Lesson #3, go with the flow. As I mentioned, things were a little sluggish in the beginning. The bride and groom's comfort zone was their own other pieces had to be introduced slowly. The good news is that by the end of the shoot the bride was 100% in items that I'd brought and was having a blast.

Lesson number 4? This is hard are lugging multiple suitcases across town, stressing due to the realization that if only you'd brought a black tank top all problems would be solved, and generally running around like a crazed fiend.

In the end though, I think things went well. The photographer seemed pleased, the "happy couple" were happy, and there were several images that looked great (I'll try and post a few at a future date)...and, on a personal note, once my nerves subsided I had fun. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I get to do this again!


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  • ma vie en rose said...
    8:31 PM
    Yes, please do post photos - I can't wait to see them!

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