Caught NAP-ping?

The goodies that I ordered from Net-a-Porter were delivered today; after some raised blood pressure due to DHL. Answer me this...if something is delivered to an office building with 24-hour security and a receptionist how do you only manage to "attempt" delivery? How? Is it purely to give me a panic attack as I wonder where my package has got to? The obligatory pain before the gain? Thankfully, a very helpful lady at the DHL call center asked the driver to turn his van around and, voila, my box was delivered.

This was my first purchase from NAP...mainly because I try to avoid ordering online. I'm a tactile shopper. I like to feel the clothes, enjoy the ambiance of the store, even a nicely designed shopping bag gives me a quiet thrill. So, ordering online, and getting something heavily creased and wrapped in a plastic bag (which I have had happen) has never caused me much excitement. I'd heard that Net-a-Porter managed to avoid the online wrapping conundrum but they completely exceeded my expectations. A heavy-weight, matte black box tied with black and white ribbon...crisp black tissue paper surrounding a Net-a-Porter dustbag shirt and skirt (which I love)...each folded in tissue paper with no sign of a crease or the dreaded plastic.

This could be dangerous...freak that I am, I'd order things just to un-wrap the packaging...


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