Twisted Sister

Rightly or wrongly I always thought of Anthropologie as Urban Outfitter's big sister...a bit more grown-up and sophisticated at times but still fun and playful. I carried that thinking over to the pricing structure, though recently I've had to revise my opinion.

I'm on the lookout for a gold-toned necklace...I was originally thinking of some kind of pendant but I'm open to ideas. So when I saw the picture of this necklace I thought, "we have a potential winner". I clicked to get more information and was stopped short by the $798 price tag staring back at me. It's by Alexis Bittar, it's beautiful...but sister's tastes suddenly got too rich for my blood.


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  • 3:37 AM
    I love chunky necklaces like this, but the price tag is undoubtedly off-putting.. Maybe this is something you can make. I remember you made a collar-necklace modeled after a Prada one, and yours actually looked way better than the original.
  • hebden said...
    11:50 AM
    Thanks...for the compliment & the suggestion.

    I hadn't considered the DIY aspect of this necklace but I may need to...though I am a little worried that the motif may move from chic to sleigh-bell.

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