Simply Purr-fect!

As is my wont, I’ve been fixating recently on finding a necklace to spice up my summer wardrobe. I had a short checklist of desires:

1) Something gold (in the past I’ve been a silver girl but at the moment I’m in a full-blown gold rush)
2) My inclination was for a pendant of some sort on a chain…I was open to other options (and I’ve posted a few of the ones that I found)…but my initial craving was for a pendant.
3) Something cute, but not sickeningly so...
4) A necklace that didn’t make me feel like I was paying off the national debt when I put down my credit card, i.e. affordable.

So, those were my criteria and, quite frankly, I didn’t think I was asking too much. Which just goes to show how wrong you can I’ve been hunting around and wasn’t able to find anything that was “just right”...until now.

This tiger pendant from Les Bijoux de Sophie meets all of my’s perfect. In fact, as I found this in a French magazine, the only problem I’m left with is finding a stockist. Merde!


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  • Meha said...
    1:39 PM
    As you can see it is Friday and work is slow so I have been catching up on your blog (hence all the comments ;0)).. anyway, I absolutely love love that tiger pendent!! did you ever buy it?

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