A rolling stone gathers no Moss..

As I'll actually be in London on May 1st when the Kate Moss for TopShop line hits the stores a question arises...do I brave what I can only assume will be insane crowds so that I can take a look at what's on offer? The fashion-crazy part of me says yes but...of the images posted in The Sunday Times magazine the items that caught my eye were a striped t-shirt and sequined scarf...as cool as they look are they worth the human maelstrom and ire of my husband that trying to procure them will induce?
(I'm discounting the striped jacket and pants which would make anyone larger than a model regret the purchase after about 2 minutes.) Quite frankly, at this point, only time will tell...if I'm in the area and have a spare hour I may be willing to fight like a gladiator for a scrap of sequins...a depressing fact, but true.


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