The Excellent Italian Greyhound

Confession time...I'm a fiend for packaging. I've saved carrier bags, tissue paper, or ribbon from some stores for years. Sometimes it's for the beauty of the wrapping itself, others it's because of the memories they evoke. They're part of my fashion scrapbook...the fire hazard/crazy old lady part, but still a part.

On a somewhat related note, Shellac's latest record...the aforementioned "Excellent Italian Greyhound"...came out on Tuesday. Apart from the music, which is sublime, this is a packaging addict's dream.

The exterior cardboard sleeve features the work of Jay Ryan. A word of warning before you visit his website, his screenprinted posters are highly addictive... Layer number two is the album cover itself, a super saturated color, high-gloss image of the greyhound...with fruit. I'm not sure what the connection is, maybe the dog's a health nut...whatever the reason, it's an incredible picture. And on the album sleeve? A close-up of the dog's face, he's looking intently at something off it an apple, a banana, a kumquat?


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