The short straw

I know I've ranted about my short phobia before but I just came across an article on Stylehive that made me choke on my beverage.

Next to this image was the following text...

"Shorts, when done right, can cross boundaries into the realm of office-appropriate. Pairing the perfect outfit with this season’s shorts is all about balance. Here then are some summer shorts tips.

Office Tip: Shorter lengths go best with loose blouses and wedges (this will lengthen your legs). Longer shorts look really great with tunics, or for the office, a tailored blazer."

I'm sorry...what? Are acid yellow short-shorts ever a good idea? Okay, maybe 1% of the population could get away with them but is this really something that should be encouraged en masse? And in the land of cubicles and water coolers to boot? Summer madness is one thing but this is insanity.


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