A Whiter Shade of Pale

Aren't we supposed to learn by our mistakes? If so, why do I have the perverse need to try a fake tan product every summer? Why?

I know I'm pale, for the majority of the year I'm happy with it, and yet...the first hint of some summer weather and I start yearning for just a little color. And when I say a little color I mean that literally; I'm not aiming for the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic, I just want to be able to show my legs without burning people's retinas.

This year I thought I might be onto a winner by trying one of the new dual-purpose moisturizer/tan combos. It seemed like a low-key option and the bottle detailed the progression that could be anticipated through days 1, 3, and 5. My thoughts were that by only applying the product for one day I should be able to get the glow I was looking for. Well, that was the plan...but after one application my skin had almost reached day 5 color. Plus, didn't I glimpse some tell-tale orange around my feet and knees?

That's it...I give in...pale and interesting beats strange and orange every time.


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  • Queen Michelle said...
    9:55 AM
    My dear, learn to love your pale and interesting skin. I myself err on the side of blue, so look vaguely transparent in the summer, but I refuse to give into the suntanned look. I also think pale skin makes a person look a bit younger - it's somehow purer and cleaner looking.

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