You win lose some

I feel one of my rare frugal periods coming on...when everything I look at just "isn't worth the money". Not a time I enjoy but at least my savings go up during this period.

I spent yesterday listing pieces to sell on eBay and I think that's triggered my present mood. While I'm happy to re-coup some cash I can't help noticing that quite a few of the items I'm selling are getting listed as "new, without tags" or "as new". I must have liked them when I bought why did they languish in my closet and never get worn?

For some, I know the answer...they were bought when I was trying to fit it to certain environments (mainly work related). They say, you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. Well, it also turns out, you can take a girl to buy dull work clothes but it doesn't mean she'll wear them.


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