Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Exhibit A: the care instructions...I draw your attention to the words "hand wash".

You may remember that one of the things I bought during my disaster trip to London was a blue and white striped t-shirt from Dover Street Market. I'd stalked it via their website so when I got my hands on it I was a happy little camper. I wore it, got a few far, so good.

Obviously the the next step was cleaning the t-shirt. Following the instructions (Exhibit A) I hand washed and line dried it.

Now I have a blue and pale pink striped shirt. Why the color ran, I have no clue. Why the blue turned the white stripes pink is another one of life's eternal mysteries. Surprisingly the printed logo, which Exhibit A seems so concerned about, didn't change color at all.

Normally if this happened I'd return the shirt but another trip to London isn't on the I'm trying to convince myself that it now has a nice lived-in's either that or admit that I'm jinxed.


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  • 10:39 PM
    What a bummer!

    I wonder if they somehow added a bit of red into the blue dye mix to make it look dark (almost violet) blue instead of a lighter blue.

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