The freebie (well, almost)

He goes through his pockets taking out several wrinkled bills.

PAUL "I've got...nine...ten dollars. And my check of course."

HOLLY "I won't let you cash your check. But a present for ten dollars or under...that I will accept. Of course I don't know exactly what we're going to find at Tiffany's for ten dollars..."

It was a Holly Golightly moment (vaguely)...except that instead of a young and handsome George Peppard offering to spend his paycheck on me in Tiffany's...well, it was two gift certificates, close to expiration, in Banana Republic...but, after all, a girl has to take what she can get...

The challenge was the same find something up to (but not over) the available this case $25.

The difficulty level turned out to be about the same too...a $25 limit produces severe limitations...I'd actually given up hope when I spotted this wooden cuff bracelet. Chunky, but slightly refined...and only $3 over my limit...


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