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Yes, it's that time of year again...time for the office e-mail covering what to choose from your wardrobe to be..."Business Appropriate". And I quote, "Don't let your summer wardrobe be a CLM*". Can I just say it took me 10 minutes before I could find out what CLM even meant? For those of you playing at home it's a "Career Limiting Move".

I need to apologize for all the quotation marks, but this got me so riled that the only thing I can do to preserve my sanity is to put all business speak firmly where it belongs...behind bars.

The thing is, my mother stopped choosing my clothes at an early age...since then I've gone my own way, admittedly I've made some terrible choices but they have been mine. So the news that I can wear "pressed" khakis is not going to fill me with glee...not one little bit.


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  • QueenMichelle said...
    4:11 AM
    OMG. That is my idea of HELL!!! I'm lucky to work in the creative industry so anything goes, because if I got a memo like that in my inbox I think I'd make some serious Career Limiting Moves - also known GTJ* moves

    *Going To Jail.

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