The lasting contentment...

“[Wisdom is] the science of happiness or of the means of attaining the lasting contentment which consists in the continual achievement of a greater perfection or at least in variations of the same degree of perfection.” - G. Wilhelm Leibniz

Variations on a theme...and a continuation on yesterday's stud-related post...but this time one that falls under the category of " a great idea, poorly executed". Because the juxtaposition of rustic, cableknit sweater and studs would be quite brilliant...if only it didn't look quite so cheap. Re-engineered, though, using an actual Aran fisherman's sweater...and with some assistance from a Be-dazzler (which I know I'm going to end up buying...despite my resistance to bringing one more piece of plastic "junk" into my I have so many DIY projects in minds that could use one)...and I think this could be something special.



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  • Sal said...
    9:36 AM
    Yup, that experiment turned into a bit of a mess. When you get around the Be-dazzling your own, do post photos!
  • enc said...
    10:28 AM
    It's only a matter of time before you succumb to the BeDazzler.

    This sweater/sweatshirt would have been great if . . . oh, I don't know.

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