“Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.” *

It's funny...I've been contemplating pulling some tartan out of my closet this winter but have been racked by similar doubts as Merle Brown when she asked "Do I look too Scottish in this?". Because that's the problem for us Scots...even ones like me who have been out of the country for so many years that I only have an accent under times of severe stress (or, as Mr. Heb say, " I can tell when you're pissed off...you sound Scottish")...there's always an inner voice saying that once you don some tartan you look like you should be selling shortbread, whiskey, and postcards featuring The Loch Ness Monster.

Which causes me to pause when I find myself casting covetous glances at these leggings from Forever 21. Part of me says they'd look phenomenal peeking out from under skirts and dresses...the other part wonders when the céilidh's going to take place...


One thing that I will be wearing...because I already own it and it therefore causes no outlay of finances on something "frivolous which might not get worn"...this antique plaid. The plaid was the forerunner of the kilt...a piece of tartan cloth up to 6 yards in length which was draped and folded around the body to create a kilt-like piece of clothing with an attached sash. The beauty of this arrangement being that come night-time the plaid could be unfolded and used as a blanket to sleep under. Though I don't plan on sleeping in it my mini-plaid (only half its original length, doubtlessly hacked in half by some overly enthusiastic Victorian maiden) should keep me warm when the temperatures drop...and inject some pattern and color against my all of my dark overcoats.Photobucket

* Today's quote comes courtesy of Albert Einstein.


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  • Anonymous said...
    9:52 AM
    lol. I'm Irish and am having the same dilemma with APC's clover-print shirts.
  • enc said...
    10:11 AM
    I think you could safely wear those leggings without spontaneously turning into a Scotsman, like in the Monty Python sketch.
  • Sal said...
    11:21 AM
    Your plaid sounds like a fantastically versatile garment. You'll just have to make sure no one pisses you off while you're wearing it.
  • WendyB said...
    9:27 PM
    You must have my Mary Queen of Scots jewels to go with!
  • elizabeth said...
    10:20 AM
    On recent episodes of Mad Men Betty Draper is constantly wearing a pair of plaid pants, and it looks really great--the costumers have put her in a muted plaid, which I think helps.
  • jenniferz said...
    10:58 PM
    Such a great plaid! Do I see your awesome Boden moto jacket peeking out from underneath?
  • hebden said...
    6:27 AM
    jenniferz - close...you actually see my awesome Built by Wendy nautical-ish jacket peeking out (I say nautical because it has the kind of hook closure that I associate with yachts and the ilk)

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