As I went through my closet the other day I realized that several of my favorite tops's. Just to clarify I don't mean "androgynous chic, isn't this ironic?" menswear...I mean items that I bought from various menswear departments (usually while I was accompanying Mr. Heb on his quest for Paul Smith or Dior Homme). Though, really, none of these pieces screams "menswear"...unless I'm living in my own little dreamworld, that is. From Vivienne Westwood's Breton sweatshirt with over-long sleeves (the one item that I had to wrestle Mr. Heb for...until he had to concede that it was way too small for him) Resistance R-3's "coeur" You Must Create's hanging doll t-shirt...these are all, to my mind, too nice to be left solely in the province of the boys.

So now I have to I alone in my occasional raids into Guyville or are other women out there doing the same thing?



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  • 6:25 AM
    I do go into the 'boy's section' and buy clothes.. does that count?
  • Sal said...
    12:57 PM
    I'm always drawn to soft, lush men's shirts, but have forced myself to avoid them. Dudewear looks horrendous on my curvy frame!
  • enc said...
    11:50 AM
    Oh, I've done the same. Mr.OM has some superb things that I "borrow." I also have a crazily-striped J.Crew men's shirt from about six years ago that I wear all the time.

    Your "menswear" picks are brilliant, wear them in good Heb health.
  • 11:43 PM
    I always stroll through the mens and boys section of Target. Although the mens sizes are way too big on me, I still ogle over the graphics.

    I'd definitely wear that last shirt--I'm usually not a fan of shirts with slogans on them, but this slogan is just perfect.

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