“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - George Bernard Shaw

As part of a new buying philosophy...well, new for me as my previous one was more of an instinctual "me like, me buy"...which was all well and good but meant that my cupboards were overflowing...and some of the things they were flowing with were not quite what I envisioned when I bought them (isn't it strange how things mysteriously morph from 'perfection' to 'close but no cigar' in the time it takes to get from changing room to wardrobe?). Hence the aforementioned new philosophy where I identify a gap in my wardrobe and look at a vast-ish array of options before I open my wallet. The end goal (hopefully) is that larger purchases should only be things that I love and want 100%...I know I'm going to still fall under the spell of impulsive cheap buys but at least I'm trying.

Regular readers may recall (how's that for an alliterative start) that back in August I started the search for something "big-ish and bold-ish in the bracelet line" in a subtle gold or brass. There were a few more contenders (1, 2, and 3) but, in the words of the immortal Goldilocks, "none of them was quite right". But now...now, I have my fingers crossed that the search is over...I can't say definitively that "this is it" because, so far, I haven't seen my bracelet in person...and sometimes there can be a vast gulf between a photographic representation and reality but...I'm very hopeful.

And the winner is...this talon cuff from New York based designer Pamela Love. The bronze plated in 18k gold fits my brassy-gold criteria to a tee and the design is classical, yet modern...tough, yet delicate...and basically all that I desired in bracelet form (something that I could wear, and enjoy, but not worry about every time I move my arm). It is (of course) more than I had budgeted for when I started this odyssey but I think it's a piece that I can wear everyday...and at any age...and that will add a rough elegance to any outfit.



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  • Sal said...
    8:48 AM
    Hurrah for fresh shopping outlooks! I'm right there witcha - in fact, mid-shopping-ban myself.

    And I imagine that bracelet being JUST the thing. The photos on the website are gorgeous. It looks deliciously rough-hewn, and so appealing.
  • enc said...
    10:31 AM
    That's incredible, hebden. I really love it and hope it will be just right for you.
  • 8:56 AM
    FUCK!!! That is gorgeous.... I want it.. I need.it.

    Elegant.. yet rough.. it is awesome!!!!

    Where and how much?
  • hebden said...
    11:00 AM
    sal - you're braver than I (both you and enc)...I could never do a total ban...a re-alignment, yes...but a ban, never.

    enc - thanks, I have my fingers crossed...

    the search - I'll send you an email with the info and her lookbook
  • 2:59 PM
    Thank you. :)

    I think I saw a picture of Julia R wear it.. it is really unique.
  • Anonymous said...
    5:01 PM
    PLEASE post a pic when you recieve it! It looks amazing

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