The tartan army marches on...

On my master wish list...not one of the transitory seasonal wish lists...but their big sister...who is eternal and only contains items which are "classic"...well, to me at least (a previous entry on this list was a Lucien Pellat-Finet sweater and I'm assuming that not everyone considers a cashmere sweater featuring a large skull wearing Mickey Mouse ears to fall under that category)...pieces which will, one day, make their way into my wardrobe...are listed Repetto ballet flats. Unfortunately I've heard from various sources that they have a tendency to run on the small side...and being someone who loathes returning things I've never wanted to risk ordering a pair online...and so they are destined to remain a m.w.l. item until I find myself in an actual bricks and mortar store that stocks them.

Which is a shame as I just came across this limited edition plaid pair which, even in my current state of flux over the advisability of wearing tartan, are pretty darned appealing.



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  • Sal said...
    9:14 AM
    Appealing indeed. Those are adorable.
  • enc said...
    10:11 AM
    Oh Hebbo, why not risk it?
  • 12:29 PM
    go for the gusto!

    loving your blog by the way

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