One is the lonliest number...eleven is just daunting

The lovely Rowena over at Rosiepop tagged me to reveal 11 things about myself...which is a apologies in advance in case I get to 7 or 8 and run out of anything vaguely interesting or amusing...

  1. I attended boarding school for possibly the shortest time span known to week in the Sixth Form at Roedean and I took to the hills...
  2. I love brussel sprouts
  3. Second only to my love of clothing is that of my love of books...sometimes I wish that I collected things that took up slightly less storage space
  4. Speaking of an (incredibly nerdy) child I collected beer mats...which, looking back, tends to suggest that I spent too much time in pubs as a child
  5. I loathe the fact that the majority of people who can afford to buy gorgeous sports cars seem to do so in banana's a waste...and it's ugly...and, yes, I'm jealous and wish that I could afford one (in dark, racing green)
  6. As a child I was attacked by three different German Shepherds and now have an irrational fear of large dogs...especially anything that constitutes a "guard dog"
  7. I have an embarrassing love of bad action are looking at a woman who own the box sets of both the Die Hard and Mummy movies and the original Poseidon Adventure and Towering Inferno...start one playing and I am like a kid with a Barney movie
  8. I am very un-tidy...a trait that I constantly try to combat, with varying degrees of success
  9. I cannot cook stir-fry...regardless of the ingredients or the amount of seasoning that I use it is invariably bland...I have now officially given up trying...if we want stir-fry I'm ordering in
  10. I can remember poems that I learned in school when I was in my early teens but I have issues with putting names to faces...I am a master at the "covert nametag glance for purposes of identification" move
  11. I used to ride horses, "Western style", in the wilds of Scotland...not because it was unusual but because you essentially sat in an armchair and got to hold onto a handle...and I doubted my ability to stay on the horse without them
And that's my eleven...I now tag enc, The Search for Chic, and editor to reveal 11 factoids about themselves.


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  • enc said...
    11:46 AM
    I can't stir fry ANYthing, no matter how I try. I even bought an expensive wok, and that didn't help at all. I can cook all kinds of other things, though.

    I'm bad with name-face associations, too, and this is embarrassing for me, since I teach classes. I've had some of the same people in my classes for a year, but I still can't remember their names.

    I'll work on my list. I hope I don't bore everyone to death.
  • editor said...
    2:28 PM
    we'll see how this goes - i just posted.

    stir fry sounds easy enough...

    i'm very pro-name tags.
  • Rollergirl said...
    3:39 PM
    Ugh, I hate dogs! I think I was chased round a park by one once!
  • 6:52 PM
    I have already done it sweetheart.. or do you want me to do mooooore? ;)

    Anyway... I LOVE your 11's they are so quirky/cute the boarding school fact made me laugh a girl after my own heart...


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