“The faux pas is repartee which has become accidentally entangled with hara - kiri” - unknown

There's faux fur...the shaggy variety...and then there's faux fur...where the kind of fox fur stole than you would normally see slung around the neck of a lady of a certain age or sitting, moth-eaten and dejected, in the discount bin at the resale shop is re-imagined in cotton muslin.

While I'm partial to the former kind it's the latter which recently caught my eye...thanks to Slow and Steady Wins the Race...who I realize I bleat on about with alarming regularity but I can't help myself...I'm continuously drawn to their ideas...including this one (despite the fact that, facially, it looks slightly more porcine than it probably should).



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  • WendyB said...
    1:03 PM
    Hilarious and cute.
  • susie_bubble said...
    4:16 PM
    I love it! It's like the unadorned version of the Veronique Leroy crystal ones...

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