Food glorious food!

I believe I mentioned that I viewed this trip as an extended pig-out may have thought I was exaggerating...sadly, I wasn't. It had been too long since my last visit to the UK and I found myself yearning to roam through a Marks & Spencer's food as many salted caramel macaroons from Ladurée as I could afford...and have a nice, boozy, pub lunch (preferably in a cozy, shady, pub overlooking a village green).

I'm happy to say I was successful on all counts...and that thanks to the many miles we walked each day I managed to escape this gluttony with a slight weight loss (as opposed to the massive gain that I assumed would take place). The pinnacle of all this excess came, as it so often does, courtesy of Harrods. Over the course of two picnic lunches I managed to transform into a modern-day Henry VIII...thanks to a baguette...smeared in truffle butter...stuffed with ham and fresh mozzarella...and drizzled with truffle oil...and some flatbread...layered with crayfish...Marie Rose sauce...bacon...lettuce...and tomato (and served in a lightweight wooden box).

Needless to say, after all this binging, my tastebuds now yearn for a break...




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    tasty imagine

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