“It's a different matter with sheep. Once their wool is waterlogged, they drown.” - Keith Adams

When I said that I wanted to work more scarves into my outfits I was thinking about the silk variety...unfortunately as Mother Nature continues to bombard my home with sleet and snow I'm forced to keep wearing wool...though, to be fair, I did look beyond the "old faithful" knitted scarves that I've been wearing all winter and unearthed an infrequently worn boiled wool number from one of my storage bins.

Like they say...one small step for scarfs, one giant leap for scarfkind.

Denim jacket - Gap, striped sweater - J Crew, scarf - Vivienne Westwood, skirt - H&M, leggings - American Apparel, suede boots


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  • Poster Girl said...
    11:10 PM
    I love this printed skirt with the striped top. It reminds me of the striped top and floral skirt I just wore.

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