Getting a leg up...

Cyclists in the city have a hard addition to the daily concerns related to excessive traffic, potholes, and pedestrians who launch themselves off the sidewalk into their paths...they have the extra burden of wanting to look relatively decent when they reach their destination. This, of course, varies vastly from country cycling where you may encounter similar potholes and various small animals launching themselves under your wheels but, once you travel from Point A to Point B, the chances are there’ll only be a cow or a couple of sheep to notice any discrepancies in your usually high sartorial standards.

But now Stroke is offering a solution (at least for the lower portion of your legs) with their “Extra Leg”. The concept is simple, calf-covering sleeves in APC’s raw, black, or white denim that wrap around your lower limbs and close with Velcro fasteners. Slip them on before your journey and they will collect all of the mud and grime that would usually attach itself to your pants. Leaving you, at journey’s end, least from the knee down...because these mini-chaps will do absolutely nothing for that other cycling style nightmare, the twin hazards of red faces and windblown hair.



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