"Close sits my shirt, but closer my skin." - Latin proverb

It's been a while since I've come across a street style photograph that made me what to track the person down...persuade them to follow me down a dark alley...and then run off with a item of their clothing...but the photograph of this Parisian girl did the trick. To be honest, I'd take any of the pieces from this particular look but the one that has initiated a new "quest" is her plaid shirt...which looks particularly pleasing and adds an element of "the country mouse visiting the city mouse" to the entire ensemble. Additionally (unless my eyes deceive me or I'm indulging in a case of wishful thinking) her shirt has a straight hem...a big plus as it makes it appear to be a little bit more jacket...a little less shirt.

Now all I have to do is find something similar...and Googling Carhartt is no help...all that yields is acres of men's shirts and overalls. Ah well, a good quest keeps me out of mischief...as the Knights of the Round Table used to say...


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  • enc said...
    10:18 AM
    I don't know if this is straight hem, but it's red buffalo check:

    Here's a lined checked shirt with straight hem, but not the same pattern (brodie is the pattern with red):
  • hebden said...
    4:18 PM
    enc - I owe you one...the Woolrich is perfect (just need to track it down in a small)...thank you!

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