“I like restraint, if it doesn't go too far.” - Mae West

Well, another Black Friday has been and gone...but did I fall prey to the insidious come-hither glances that I received (via email) from APC, Satine, and a host of others telling me about their massive price reductions...did I? No, I did not. Idiot that I am I fell prey to not one, but two, items that were full price.

I'm really rather ashamed of myself...I've been attempting (a version of) frugal living...and have a watch list of items that I would be interested in if their prices fall beyond a certain point...and yet...I was completely unable to restrain myself and perform any kind of rational thinking. Which is odd (in addition to being demoralizing) as when Susie Bubble wrote about Central Saint Martins graduate, Simone Shailes' collection for Topshop I thought it was lovely but it didn't ignite a fire of longing. Yet when I was trolling their site and spotted her looped, navy blue turtleneck it seemed so perfect...twistedly classic and classically twisted...like a man's fisherman's sweater run gloriously amok...that I was unable to resist.

And, if that was bad enough, I then decided to take a stroll through their "Premium" section before checking out...do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not play this game without a chaperone...and found a cheerful star scarf which proved equally irresistible.

Now I know why it's called Black Friday...



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  • WendyB said...
    10:16 AM
    You have to go out of your way to not buy something on sale nowadays!
  • enc said...
    10:41 AM
    I think you did pretty well! How on earth could you have resisted that loopy sweater? And that scarf was just asking to be bought by you.

    Nice one, Heb.
  • hebden said...
    12:17 PM
    WendyB - that's why I'm so mad at myself...

    enc - YOU are an enabler...and, trust me, it takes one to know one (though, I'll admit, I am looking forward to receiving my (however ill-advised) purchases)

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